Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Down Into The Depths and Up Into The Sun

How Far Down Does the Megapede Hole Go? – The journey through the jungles of Xen’drik took a turn for the dire when the expedition came under attack by a pair of massive megapedes, savaging the leading elements of the expedition before the party could respond. One of the beasts was slain on the surface, while the other attempted to flee underground. Justal, never one to willingly let a foe escape, pursued it until he slew the megapede in a cavern deep in Khyber. The rest of the party pursued as best they could, finding Justal under attack by a group of corrupted drow. After weathering an assault by nothics and being joined by the expedition in a battle against a death tyrant beholder and swarms of its spawn, the party claimed the cavern: a strangely shaped form in the rock covered in Khyber dragonshards. Justal made sure to grab one for himself.

The City of Shadow, or ‘Charlie and the Eyeball Horrors’ – While the expedition remained behind to harvest the dragonshards the party and some companions pushed on to the city of the Umbragen drow, there to break the siege placed upon it by the Lord of Eyes. A series of events followed: Verdeloth helping to improve the drow’s crops, Darren’s crossbow becoming sentient in a magical mishap, and Justal leading a mindflayer and its frost giant thrall on a merry high-speed chase through the tunnels. Eventually the mindflayer and ‘Charlie’ were killed when the party went forth to destroy whatever was trying to free the Lord of Eyes from his prison. With that, and the multiple other monsters slain in the process, the siege wasn’t broken but WAS significantly weakened. The adventures around the city ended with Justal accidently freeing Dimmer-of-Flames from his dragonshard prison, and the Umbragen agreeing to lead the expedition to the fabled creation forge.

Cannith Calls Dibs – Upon emerging back upon the surface, however, the party discovered that they had competition for the ancient creation forge. A company of troops from the Riedran Empire of Sarlona were encamped around the forge structure, and the structure’s entrance was open. After an initial skirmish the Canniths and their guards engaged the company while the party rushed inside to secure the forge. Inside they found several of the so-called ‘Inspired’ who lead the Empire, including one with mannerisms much like one of the monks fought during Settling Into Stormreach. The fight for the forge ended when the party dropped the first batch of Inspired’s corpses on the leader of the Riedrans from up the forge’s great shaft, wounding her enough to make her easy prey. When the dust settled the forge belonged to the Canniths, the party learned a bit more about the mysterious Quori, Peren learned the origin of his Helm of Seven Deaths, and the party prepared to head to the Menechtarun Desert to find Justal’s father. Before leaving, Alek bid farewell to Darren, and left the younger artificer in charge of the Warforged Titan that had been recovered after the fighting.

Meeting the Scales – Far to the west of the party the kobold battlemind known as Capax was told to speak with the founder of his oasis settlement. The mysterious figure, distinguished only by the silver eyes and pipe visible beneath his cloak, told Capax to travel west. There he was to find a group of travelers and guide them back across the desert to the settlement. Some time later found the Stormhold adventurers ascending the Sun Pillars and looking upon the massive Menechtarun for (mostly) the first time. With Justal distracted by finally seeing his homeland again, and with the rest of the party distracted by thoughts of how miserable the trip was going to be, they didn’t notice until too late that they’d wandered near a beast giant lair. Thankfully, they were joined in their fight by a kobold of all things. Once the giants were dead, Capax explained that he’d been sent as a guide. The party accepted him, although became very suspicious when he described his settlement’s founder; after some confusion, Capax also recognized Justal as being related to one of the village chiefs. Descending the Sun Pillars towards the desert, Peren realized that despite Verdeloth’s rituals someone was following them. Looking back up the mountain, he thought he saw a blue-scaled dragonborn wearing gear not native to Xen’drik, but lost sight of his target. The party attempted to hunker down at the desert-side base of the mountain, but before the night was through a group of dragonborn rushed the camp from all sides, screaming “Death for the Daughter of Khyber!”

Hiking in the Wilds of Xen'drik

Consequences of Insomnia – The caravan was not long into the jungles of Xen’drik before they accidentally crossed into the territory of a tribe of Vulkoori Drow. The drow, wary of all outsiders, spent a few days and nights harassing the caravan. Between volleys of Xen’drik boomerangs, roving packs of kirres, passing jungle giants, and the knowledge that things like LURKING TWO-MAWS could exist here, the party was pushed to the edge. Justal suffered something akin to a psychotic break more than once, having pushed beyond even his limits and terrified of the jungles that he’d heard stories about as a child. Eventually, however, they were able to defeat, capture, and negotiate with a Vulkoori raiding party.

The Azure Tower and the Forsaken City – In order to be granted safe passage through the Vulkoori territory the party had to travel to the abandoned Titan city that the drow called home, there to open a sealed section of the ancient Azure Tower. Justal managed to befriend the now-sentient lift within the Tower, while Alek led the others to ascend the exterior, in the process tapping into some sort of ritual and receiving terrifying visions of the world aflame. Once the party gained access to the sealed section, they were forced to fight and destroy a semi-sentient gate to Shavarath and its infernal travelers. The party spent some extra time exploring other parts of the Tower, and left on good terms with the Vulkoori.

Making Dangerous Friends in Dangerous Places – Traveling back to their caravan, the party came across a group of Wilden, who they had learned had a much fiercer reputation than their Khorvairen ilk. Thankfully Verdeloth was able to calm the savage protectors of the wild, and the party traveled on. Upon rejoining the caravan (at an abandoned inn, against all sense), they discovered that a member of the Umbragen drow had joined the caravan, looking to ‘hire’ the party to deal with a small Belashyrra problem. Proceeding through the jungle the caravan was eventually assaulted by Yuan Ti, although Peren was eventually able to use an idol recovered during Night on the Town, Stormreach Edition to mollify and negotiate for safe passage with the creatures.

Stormreach and Beyond . . .
Welcome to Xen'drik

Pietr drew the line when things escalated as far as Guildhouse Blitz. He handed Alek, Justal, Verdeloth, and Peren a letter of marquee for Xen’drik and paid Cole Strutter to smuggle them off of the continent. To his adventurers Pietr gave simple orders: don’t come back until I call for you, and find work in the meanwhile.

Release the Kraken! – The journey to Stormreach was not an uneventful one. While navigating Shargon’s Teeth their ship, the elemental galleon Stormchaser, was attacked by a group of Sahuaaaaaaaaagin who claimed (via battle cries and exclamations) to be worshipers of the rajah Dagon. Although the raiders were repulsed The Kraken then attacked, gulping Cole down whole and mangling the ship. The party was able to kill the beast, Cole cut his way out of its stomach, and the ’chaser limped into Stormreach.

Settling in to Stormreach – Desperate for a drink after fighting The Kraken the party staggered into the first awful dive they found, quickly making friends with a hexblade named Khaliborn. They hadn’t been able to talk long before a pair of strangers who fought like monks attacked them. One perished, the other fled, and the party made a swift exit. The new few days were spent getting in touch with Dragonmarked Houses, learning the lay of the land, and then looking for work.

Putting Things To Rest – The party took a job clearing out and getting to the bottom of a recurring undead problem in the district of Delera’s Rest. Over the course of the delve they ambushed ghouls, fought drowned ghosts, and convinced a Storm Titan ghost that they were his servants. The source of the problem turned out to be another Storm Titan that had hitched a ride on Delera Omaren’s ghost – resurrection attempts on Eberron can get whacky. The Storm Titan was put to rest for good, Delera told the party they could have her burial treasures, and the incorporeal Coin Lord set out into her city.

Night on the Town, Stormreach Edition – Their ghostly ‘master’ had told them where his ‘palace’ was and, hungry for more loot, the party set out to find it. The ruins in question turned out to be under the premier kuryeva distillery in the city. What followed was a series of shenanigans as the party attempted to gain access, becoming drunken shenanigans when they were forced to wait in the taproom until night. Justal led security on a chase through the streets, Alek blew a hole in the floor, Khaliborn and Verdeloth were utterly wasted, and Peren kept wondering what he’d done to deserve this. The night ended with another dead Titan ghost, a naked Justal, a pile of loot, and a platoon of the Iron Watch arresting the party.

Welcome to the Jungle, We’ve Got LURKING TWO-MAWS – Lady Paulo Omaren agreed to overlook the party’s crimes in exchange for a favor: kill the beast known as LURKING TWO-MAWS in her name. As House Cannith was beginning an expedition to find a suspected creation forge the party decided to go along. They just so happened to meet Slik again, the kobold having expanded his roster to owning businesses, and their old . . . associate helped prepare them for the trip. The plan is to accompany the Cannith expedition as far as it goes, then head in to the Mechantarun desert to find Justal’s father and his stolen artifact. After a few days the expedition set off, marching a few days to reach the settlement of Last Resort. From there the party set off alone while the expedition rested. Despite being ambushed by the massive LURKING TWO-MAWS and Justal being literally devoured for a time, they were able to kill the beast. They all kept parts of it, which is increasingly worrisome.

Recent Adventures

Alek Dakar, Justal, Verdeloth, Peren, and Skarro were put together in an adventuring party by Pietr himself and sent off to Zilargo to hunt down a rampaging kobold warband. Things have gotten more and more interesting since then.

“There Are HOW Many Kobolds!?” – The party successfully tracked down the warband and defeated it, although the leader escaped on his personal giant owl. Justal experienced an altitude related trauma that has affected his behavior to this day, while kobolds all along the Seawall mountains keep inspecting their dire weasel mounts for ‘human larva’ for some reason. Skarro vanished shortly after the job was completed.

The Depths of Paluur Draal – The party become caught up in a large mess of clerics of the Sovereign Host, the Church of the Silver Flame, local followers of the Primal Way, Wordbearer goblins, Bladebearer goblins, overly clever kobolds, a Morgrave professor, and a Cult of the Dragon Below. In the end an eldritch machine was destroyed, the cult wiped out, and a dangerous acknowledgement from the thankfully still imprisoned Lord of Eyes given to the party. By the time they reached the surface dragonmarks had come to Alek, Justal, and Verdeloth while Peren began displaying powers nearly divine in origin.

Trouble on the Rails – Their actions came back to bite the party when another group of adventurers were hired by the survivor of the kobold warband to kill them. Thankfully the party was able to kill, capture, or turn their attackers. They even managed to convince the House Orien staff of the truth and stay out of trouble with the authorities.

The Battle of Sterngate – The lightning rail ride back to Sharn was disrupted again when the town and border fort of Sterngate in Breland was attacked by a rogue tribe of Darguul bugbears and a strike team from the Order of the Emerald Claw. The group joined the garrison in repelling the attack, and agreed to scout out the incoming bugbear attack force. While doing so the group was assaulted by a group of druids from the Children of Winter sect, who were deliberately targeting Veredeloth. The assassins were slain, and the bugbears fell victim to Sterngate’s defenses and the ruthless justice of Darguun’s Lhesh Haruuc.

Night on the Town – While getting used to life back in Sharn the group got up to various shenanigans, including integrating with a dragonmarked house where appropriate and waylaying a Child of Winter. But work is work, and they found themselves tracking an anti-warforged hate group (suspected of being supported by a member of the Sharn Council) on behalf of Flash. The job was a success, but in the process Peren ran afoul of a Daask hit on a Boromar safehouse, and the halflings mistakenly took out a hit on the elf and his companions, paying Phiarlan to do the dirty work.

Radiance in the Depths – Justal, having befriended Uthal and the local wardens, convinced the party to go into the Depths of Sharn to destroy a Radiant Idol. Pietr called in a favor to get a war priestess of the Silver Flame to go along for the ride. In the process of the job the group slew a cave dragon, and overheard the idol ranting about “The Warden from Afar, the Lightning-Struck Wood, the One-Eyed Maker, and the Keeper’s Disciple” before they destroyed it.

Skullborn in the Sky – The Skullborn had approached Peren, knowing his history and looking to make an alliance, in their efforts to murder the priest of Shae Lias and the Aerenai ambassador. Peren seemingly went along gleefully in exchange for assistance in his own quest, even managing to rope in the other members of the party. However, once he managed to secure further support via proxies Peren led the party in betraying the Skullborn, wiping them out in Sharn for good.

Guildhouse Blitz – Pietr was busy asking the party about the Skullborn incident when the Guildhouse came under attack by House Phiarlan, the third attempt on the lives of the party and the boldest yet. The attack was fended off with minimal casualties on either side, but Pietr suggested that the party either look into dealing with the issue or skipping town for awhile.

Last Sighting of the Seekers

Vendrick, Patrin, and Kale did eventually return to Sharn, safely escorting Brug and the other Brelish slaves they’d managed to liberate from Turakbar’s Fist. Captain Kalaes washed his hands of the affair, and the surviving Seekers attempted to move on with their lives. Kale and Vendrick started to make more effort to work with their houses, while Patrin received troubling news through Pietr that his grandfather had been killed.

In a move Grandfather ir’Oden’s enemies couldn’t possibly have foreseen, Patrin used the Ashen Crown to return his grandfather to life. ir’Oden told a tale of increasing internal troubles in Thrane, and of Patrin’s cousin making power plays among the remnants of Thrane’s royal line.

At the same time the Sentinel Twins of Deneith attempted to make Vendrick chase a kalashtar who’d been causing them trouble out of town to clear the shifter’s debt, implying that they’d actually be willing to pay good coin if the kalashtar was killed. Unfortunately for the Twins, when Vendrick went to confront the kalashtar he presented proof of a great corruption within Deneith’s Sharn enclave: Quori.

Not wanting to risk confronting the Twins immediately, and thinking that the Silver Flame might offer some options for dealing with the spirits of Dal Quor, Vendrick supported Patrin’s plan to travel to Thrane to deal with his family. Fighting off Dreaming Dark assassins on their way out, the Seekers boarded a lightning rail to Flamekeep.

That is the last that the Stormhold Guild has heard of them.

The Battle of Turakbar's Fist, and the Fall of a Warden

Codrus, the party’s Minotaur Warden, had made it known to the party a long time ago that he was from Droaam, that Droaamite Warlord Rhesh Turakbar had killed his parents, and that some day Codrus would ask his party for help in getting revenge. The perfect opportunity seemed to arise when Captain Kalaes of the King’s Citadel informed them that Brug, a fellow Stormhold Adventuring Guild member who’d gone missing after helping the party during SotAC, had been seen captive in Turkabar’s Fist. Needing to get out of Sharn for a while anyway after their crime-fighting escapades the party loaded up and headed into Droaam once more.

The party had great success recruiting help from Codrus’s home in the Watching Wood. An attempt to hire Znir Pact mercenaries then apparently failed, only to net the party the clandestine support of the Znir Circle, a band of gnoll shamans who worked behind the scenes to free the gnolls from the Beast of Butchery. From there the warband marched on Turakbar’s Fist itself.
The shamans of the Watching Wood convinced a bullette to dig a small force consisting of Patrin (human warlord/sorcerer) and the Wood’s ten barbarians (affectionately referred to as the Skullkickers) into Turakbar’s prison to free Brug and several other arena fighters. Upon doing so they burst out of the prison and began attacking the Fist from within. Vendrick (shifter fighter) and a small group of warriors disguised as a Turakbar raiding party then rushed towards the gate, while Kale d’Thuranni (Elf Assassin) disguised herself as a hobgoblin and teleported inside. She managed to convince the distracted ogres manning the gate to open it to let the ‘raiding party’ inside. When Vendrick and his team took the gate Codrus and the rest of the warband then rushed out of the nearby forest and stormed inside.

For some time the fighting went on in utter chaos, until the separated party members got themselves back together. Meeting in the middle of the fighting with the Watching Wood and Znir Circle leaders, they assessed the situation. Although their warband was inflicting ruinous damage they were still vastly outnumbered. The HAD to kill Turakbar, and fast, before they were overwhelmed. The party, accompanied by a minotaur warrior-shaman and a gnoll shaman, stormed the citadel’s central labyrinth. Overrunning a few score of defenders the party was then pursued by at least two hundred enemies, but the Skullkickers planted themselves in the entryway and told the party to finish the job.

The party managed to avoid a slew of traps, monsters, and dead-ends in the labyrinth thanks to Codrus, finally coming to Turakbar’s throne room. The massive warlord and his lieutenants seemed completely unconcerned with the situation, and after mocking Codrus’s quest for revenge attacked. Evenly matched in numbers, the party managed to outmatch Turakbar’s force in skill, even while Codrus and Turakbar fought one-on-one. Despite Turakbar’s great strength, and despite the warlord taking on Aspects of Baphomet during the fight, Codrus slew his foe with a final sweep of his triple-headed flail.


When Turakbar’s corpse released the demonic energy that had empowered him in a blast of red and black that threw most of the party back several steps, Codrus stood up from the mist a changed minotaur. A disturbingly huge Aberrant Mark lay upon his skin and horns, and when he looked at the party there was no recognition in his eyes. The bellowing laughter from the Warden’s mouth was just as unrecognizable. At the urging of their shaman companions the rest of the party fled as Turakbar’s Fist was laid to waste and primal spirits rose up to smite whomever they could reach.

Of those warriors who followed Turakbar and Baphomet, perhaps a few handfuls escaped as the citadel was destroyed in rampaging forests and lightning-scarred peaks. 3/10 of the Skullkickers, 4/10 of the Watching Wood’s other leaders (druids, shamans, etc.), 10/30 of the Znir Circle, and 70/90 of the Wood’s mundane warriors were killed. Codrus was lost to the party in a storm of unnatural disasters and whirling spirits.

On the one hand, Turakbar and his horde were gone. The Watching Wood and the travelers and villagers of Northwestern Breland were free of a scourge that had plagued them for years. Baphomet’s best known adherent had been slain, cutting the imprisoned demon lord off from a prime source of power and influence in Eberron. On the other, the party had lost one of their original members and leaders, and their allies were sent limping home. While nothing was coming out of the area around Turakbar’s Fist to attack anyone neither could anything enter it and get out alive, meaning that Breland had lost their only easy (and Argonth-usable) invasion route should war with Droaam flare up. Questions abounded about whether or not the Daughters of Sora Kell had manipulated this entire affair into being, and if so to what exact purpose. Their silence and lack of action as Turakbar had become bolder and more aggressive now seemed particularly ominous. Not even Droaamite gossip seemed to agree on what had happened, although common thought seemed to say that surely the Daughters had been up to SOMETHING.

As for the party, they were left with the question of Codrus’s Mark. Did it manifest because of the demonic energy that had lashed out at the Warden? Was Codrus always destined to bear it, and the Mark simply chose the worst possible moment to appear? Did the young minotaur unwittingly fulfill some obscure strand of the Draconic Prophecy and thus doom himself to a fate he could have otherwise avoided? And how was the Mark so powerful, easily matching the strength of Aberrants not seen since the War of the Mark? But that is the problem with Aberrant Marks: there are no rules, and no easily answered questions.

For the moment, the party rushes to Graywall in Droaam to spend a day licking their wounds and to ask: what now?

Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: Wrapping Up
A quick summary of events
  • After an extremely large bounty was placed on the Cyran Avengers all three adventuring guilds in the city – Cliffside, Stormhold, and Deathsgate – rushed to capitalize on the opportunity. The friendly Cliffside party was nevertheless taken out of the chase by Kale’s concoctions, while Jesel and the group from the Deathsgate Guild were only slightly delayed by Stormhold’s misinformation efforts. The hunt ended with both parties teaming up to slay the Avengers. Jesel bargained with the party to take a slightly less amount of the bounty in exchange for Stormhold taking all the public credit, seeking to evade the media storm that would result.
  • Of note, while on the hunt the group ran across and fought a group of Daask thugs. On the corpse of a Turakbar minotaur Codrus found a totem from his homeland, drawing the Warden’s thoughts back to his childhood woes and seething grudges. Kale, mauled by a troll and with one foot in Dolurrh, felt the darkness rise up to help her slay her foe, and manifested the Mark of Shadow.
  • Also on the hunt, House Tarkanan tried another hit. This one went significantly worse for the aberrant marks, with only Kieran surviving. Codrus once again let the man go, this time with a message to stop harassing the Stormhold Guild at the risk of open conflict.
  • Publicly acknowledged by Lord Commander ir’Talan for their work the group found themselves invited to the premier social event in Sharn as the current big names in town: the Tain Gala, a monthly party with all the movers and shakers in Sharn. Including one Commander Halamar. Visiting Savia’s once again the Seekers gained information on members of the Sharn Council who would be attending AND which of them would be in Boromar’s pocket, including Boromar’s personal representative on the Council: Ilyra Boromar
  • What followed was nothing less than an assassination. Kale had Gydd Nephret dressing up as the fourth member of the Seekers to conceal her own identity, giving the Thruanni assassin the catch to infiltrate the waitstaff at the Tain Gala. During the party the Seekers observed Halamar and Ilyra bickering, most likely upset that their enemies were nearby and could not be avoided without causing a scandal. Taking advantage of this Kale drugged Halamar with a concoction that made him view friend as foe, and in full view of everyone he drew a hand crossbow and shot Ilyra dead. Leaping to “avenge” the slain councilor the party slew Halamar in turn, including several Boromar wetwork men who had also infiltrated the waitstaff. Iyanna ir’Talan emerged to reveal her survival, lauding the Seekers, as her agents, for helping to hunt down ‘the last sympathizers of the Avengers in our fair city’, and ‘lamenting’ that they were unable to save the Councilor. She pledged ‘further vigilance’ in case of ‘further atrocities’. Long story short, Boromar’s have to take their losses and bear it, of their involvement will be made public. ir’Talan has essentially come out the winner and then forced a cease-fire. And meanwhile other anti-Boromar forces make their moves, as the halflings have lost their best Watch Commander and top Councilor.
Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: ONGOING 2
Things get complicated quickly . . .


First Session: Sul, 22 Olarune, 998 YK
Last Session: Mol, 2 Therendor, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]
Kale d’Thuranni
Patrin Oden

Captain Kalaes
Gydd Nephret
Iyanna ir’Talan
Lian Halamar
Sergeant Forge

  • The party did discover that, although badly hurt and having lost a leg, Iyanaa ir’Talan had survived the attack on her Garrison. Incensed by what seemed an obvious Boromar attempt to gut the one truly trustworthy band of Watchmen in the city the party decided to open a campaign against the criminal organization. Although ir’Talan (hiding in a House Ghallanda facility while healing) was unable to help them personally and her men were busy ‘taking personal time’ from the Garison the party decided they’d get a solid head start by tapping some of their contacts on the street.
  • Another meeting with Flash quickly led to a conversation with Savia Potellas. The Madam and councilor, tired of paying protection money to the Boromar Family, sold out the name and location of a collector: Delan. The party hit the safehouse where Delan was staying, killed or scattered the muscle assigned to protect him, and brought him in. They confirmed ir’Halamar’s corruption and sent Delan on his way with a hefty bribe in the hopes of turning him.
  • Patrin and Vendrick visited the tavern where ir’Halamar’s men spent their time and attempted to set up a meeting with the halfling Commander in the same spot where’d they’d fought and killed the crooked Watchmen and the Boromar thugs (under the guise of revealing information as to who was responsible for those killings). Their low expectations were actually still placed slightly too high as they ran into assassins from House Tarkanan, a hit squad from Daask, and Jesel and co. from the Deathsgate Guild all at the same time. Although the party managed to point out to Daask that the Tarkanans were the Boromar representatives at this four-way meeting the resulting combat quickly became confused. If anyone won the fight it was Jesel, who remained behind when her companions fled the start of the fight and made off with several looted coin-pouches. Daask was mostly wiped out, although some of them managed to quit the field successfully, and the Tarkanans lost a member. The Stormhold party was badly wounded and driven into full retreat, the first since the incident in Little Greywall weeks before.
  • As the fight against the Daask and Tarkanan groups was beginning another blast shook the city. Upon investigating the party discovered that the Cyran Embassy had been destroyed. Sharn, a city whose main experience with the Last War had been sabotage of this nature, was in an uproar. Although the Cyran ambassador survived, the Cyran community at large came under large amounts of pressure.
  • Investigating the refugee district in Lower Tavick’s Landing where a large portion of the Cyran population lived Vendrick and Codrus discovered members of the band of suspicious Cyrans the shifter fighter had followed on the Day of Mourning. They had insinuated themselves on each side of argument between Cyrans and other expatriates, and quickly began to incite a riot between the two. With a bit of trickery the pair broke up the majority of the riot before it could start, killing one troublemaker and capturing another. In the process they picked up a Cyran recruit, a veteran of the war named Talos who had fallen on hard times.
  • Meanwhile, Kale was contacted by her House and ordered to attend a clandestine meeting at Savia’s. Baron d’Thuranni himself met with her and demanded a report on her activities, curious as to what a potential heir was doing getting herself into this much trouble. Although he did not pull her out of the guild he did inform her that Test of Siberys was going to begin: she would either manifest her Mark, die in the process, or fail and be forced to return to her House and begin serving it proper.
  • Interrogating their captive revealed that it was indeed the Cyran Avengers who were responsible for the Embassy bombing – seeking to kill what the Avengers viewed as the weak-willed while at the same time creating tension between the surviving members of the Five Nations.
Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: ONGOING
The City of Knives earns its name . . .


Session Ended Early Sul, 22 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]

  • The Seekers awoke on the 20th of Olarune, the Day of Mourning, to a city in chaos: an explosion had ripped its way through the Black Arch Garrison in Tavick’s Landing, headquarters of Commander ir’Talan’s branch of the Sharn Watch. Thanks to the date the already nervous city was in an uproar and, fearing for the Commander’s life, the Seekers rushed to Tavick’s Landing to investigate. Seeing a line of watchman headed up by Dura’s own Commander Lian ir’Halamar, the group went to the King’s Citadel hoping to gain help from Captain Kalaes. Unable to meet the Captain they were nevertheless given several Potions of Invisibility by his aide, Corporal Tubrick. Before beginning their infiltration the group were able to meet with Sword Point Garrison’s Sergeant Forge, who was unable to give them much information but passed along a generally uneasy vibe about ir’Halamar, who was widely suspected of corruption related to the Boromar Clan.
  • While Codrus quickly retreated from the Garrison after too many close calls the others proceeded inside and quickly split up. Kale searched the evidence locker and discovered the case file for the Seekers’s hit on the crooked watchmen and Boromar thugs. Clearly doctored by Commander ir’Talan to make the case a cold one, Kale nevertheless found that a set of blueprints for the Black Arch Garrison had been recovered from the corpse of one of the crooked coppers; clearly, this was what the pair had been trying to sell to Boromar.
  • Vendrick managed to make his way through the Garrison and outside of the city, where Sharn’s military detachment had closed the roads into the city. Wondering if rogue Cyran elements were reponsible for the attack the shifter spent his time sifting through the crowd, eventually spotting a group of Cyrans that were oddly quiet about the current state of affairs. Although he would later follow the group into the city he lost sight of them somewhere in Lower Dura.
  • Patrin attempted to investigate Commander ir’Talan’s office, only to find that it was at the epicenter of the blast and completely obliterated. Studying the residue of the explosion he theorized that an infusion – a product of artifice – similiar to the known basic properties of a creation forge had been encouraged to run rampant and explode at the site. To further sate his curiousity he investigated the office of ‘Lt. Arianna’, on the edge of the blast. The scene was messy, a piece of shrapnel having clearly cut through the desk and struck the person sitting behind it. But there didn’t seem to be enough blood to indicate fatality . . . encouraged by this, Patrin rushed for the exit, unfortunately managed to alert the Garrison – and House Medani operatives investigating the site – that someone invisible was skulking around. While the alert allowed Kale to use the Garrison’s garbage chutes to flee into the Cogs the Thrane quickly found himself in trouble. Codrus caused trees to shoot up from the cobblestones outside, causing a panic and allowing Patrin and himself to flee unmolested – barely avoiding a squad of the Blackened Book that was rushing to investigate.

To be Continued . . .

Tavick's Landing Justice: COMPLETED


Adventure Completed Wir, 18 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]

  • With a shortage of other work the party responded to the anonymous message they’d received instructing them to head to the Tooth and Nail Tavern in Middle Tavick’s Landing. Upon arrival they easily spotted a woman, later identified as Capt. Daja Brel, leaving the tavern after sighting the party. Soon afterwards a cloaked figure joined their table, apologized for Capt. Brel’s poor tradecraft, and showed her face – Iyanna ir’Talan, Commander of the Black Arch Garrison of the Sharn Watch responsible for Tavick’s Landing’s security.
  • Commander ir’Talan told the party of her attempts to clean up her Garrison, to remove the stain of corruption that often plagued the Sharn Watch. Despite making great strides she was still encountering difficulties, and wished to hire the party off of the record in order to deal with some of them. Two crooked watchmen had sold information to the Boromar family which led directly to the deaths of some her men. The Commander wanted the party to send a message – crash a meeting between the wathcmen and their Boromar contacts, kill the watchmen, and kill as many of the Boromars as possible. She also gave Codrus a Daask amulet to wear, hoping to get a bonus: frame Daask for the attack and use it to gain more leeway to deal with the Droaamite syndicate as well.
  • After the Commander left Codrus took issue with the orders to frame Daask, concerned that a headline in the Sharn Inquisitive about violent minotaurs would only make things harder for his fellows in the city who were trying to make a legitimate living. After some bickering the party came to agree on a different plan to throw suspicion off of themselves and the Commander: frame the Deathsgate Adventuring Guild that had been giving some Stormhold members trouble.
  • Heading across Middle Tavick’s to the Deathsgate district the party entered Redblade’s, the tavern that caters to the district’s guild. The greeting from ‘Redblade’ Rraac and his customers was chilly and very nearly turned violent before the party managed to convince them to settle things amiably and in good adventurer tradition: with a drinking contest. Codrus, Patrin, and Vendrick engaged a Deathsgate party led by a woman named Jesel in the contest, while Cale skulked around paralyzing the more threatening customers with her poisons. After the Deathsgate members were drunk under the table the party had little trouble stealing their insignias; the locals thought it was all in good fun, at least those who didn’t suddenly find they couldn’t move.
  • The fight went well enough. They ambushed both the watchmen and the Boromar thugs that night in Middle Tavick’s, perfecting the element of surprise because the two parties were arguing over price. The two watchmen leapt from the tower, notably equipped with Charms of Feather Fall. Vendrick and Patrin leapt after them while Codrus and Cale fought the Boromars. Despite almost dying in a myriad number of ways Vendrick and Patrin killed their targets and retrieved the Charms for their own use. Codrus and Cale managed to prevent the escape of the entire Boromar group, killing them to a man. Curiously, the party were not the only ones engaged in the fight; a hidden crossbow sniper picked off both the badly-wounded Boromar leader and the glidewing pilot who had tried to swoop in to assist.
  • The next morning led to some confusing headlines in the Wir edition of the Sharn Inquisitive, reporting that two members of the Watch had been brutally murdered by Boromar thugs. Over the next few days the writer of that article would vanish, and the ‘truth’ that a Deathsgate group had killed everyone involved would become known. There was no connection made between the deaths and the party or the Commander.
  • Upon visiting the Black Arch Garrison the party were led to the office of one Lt. Arianna, to be paid for dealing with one ‘kruthik infestation’. The elven officer was revealed to be an alter-ego Commander ir’Talan uses to manage these off-the-book ventures. ir’Talan pressed Codrus on the Daask issue, but upon hearing his reasoning and being told that he would not object to dealing with Daask directly she let the matter slide and gave the group their payment. She thanked them again for their service, wished them well, and let them know that she would be in touch.

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