Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: ONGOING 2

Things get complicated quickly . . .


First Session: Sul, 22 Olarune, 998 YK
Last Session: Mol, 2 Therendor, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]
Kale d’Thuranni
Patrin Oden

Captain Kalaes
Gydd Nephret
Iyanna ir’Talan
Lian Halamar
Sergeant Forge

  • The party did discover that, although badly hurt and having lost a leg, Iyanaa ir’Talan had survived the attack on her Garrison. Incensed by what seemed an obvious Boromar attempt to gut the one truly trustworthy band of Watchmen in the city the party decided to open a campaign against the criminal organization. Although ir’Talan (hiding in a House Ghallanda facility while healing) was unable to help them personally and her men were busy ‘taking personal time’ from the Garison the party decided they’d get a solid head start by tapping some of their contacts on the street.
  • Another meeting with Flash quickly led to a conversation with Savia Potellas. The Madam and councilor, tired of paying protection money to the Boromar Family, sold out the name and location of a collector: Delan. The party hit the safehouse where Delan was staying, killed or scattered the muscle assigned to protect him, and brought him in. They confirmed ir’Halamar’s corruption and sent Delan on his way with a hefty bribe in the hopes of turning him.
  • Patrin and Vendrick visited the tavern where ir’Halamar’s men spent their time and attempted to set up a meeting with the halfling Commander in the same spot where’d they’d fought and killed the crooked Watchmen and the Boromar thugs (under the guise of revealing information as to who was responsible for those killings). Their low expectations were actually still placed slightly too high as they ran into assassins from House Tarkanan, a hit squad from Daask, and Jesel and co. from the Deathsgate Guild all at the same time. Although the party managed to point out to Daask that the Tarkanans were the Boromar representatives at this four-way meeting the resulting combat quickly became confused. If anyone won the fight it was Jesel, who remained behind when her companions fled the start of the fight and made off with several looted coin-pouches. Daask was mostly wiped out, although some of them managed to quit the field successfully, and the Tarkanans lost a member. The Stormhold party was badly wounded and driven into full retreat, the first since the incident in Little Greywall weeks before.
  • As the fight against the Daask and Tarkanan groups was beginning another blast shook the city. Upon investigating the party discovered that the Cyran Embassy had been destroyed. Sharn, a city whose main experience with the Last War had been sabotage of this nature, was in an uproar. Although the Cyran ambassador survived, the Cyran community at large came under large amounts of pressure.
  • Investigating the refugee district in Lower Tavick’s Landing where a large portion of the Cyran population lived Vendrick and Codrus discovered members of the band of suspicious Cyrans the shifter fighter had followed on the Day of Mourning. They had insinuated themselves on each side of argument between Cyrans and other expatriates, and quickly began to incite a riot between the two. With a bit of trickery the pair broke up the majority of the riot before it could start, killing one troublemaker and capturing another. In the process they picked up a Cyran recruit, a veteran of the war named Talos who had fallen on hard times.
  • Meanwhile, Kale was contacted by her House and ordered to attend a clandestine meeting at Savia’s. Baron d’Thuranni himself met with her and demanded a report on her activities, curious as to what a potential heir was doing getting herself into this much trouble. Although he did not pull her out of the guild he did inform her that Test of Siberys was going to begin: she would either manifest her Mark, die in the process, or fail and be forced to return to her House and begin serving it proper.
  • Interrogating their captive revealed that it was indeed the Cyran Avengers who were responsible for the Embassy bombing – seeking to kill what the Avengers viewed as the weak-willed while at the same time creating tension between the surviving members of the Five Nations.


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