Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Recent Adventures

Alek Dakar, Justal, Verdeloth, Peren, and Skarro were put together in an adventuring party by Pietr himself and sent off to Zilargo to hunt down a rampaging kobold warband. Things have gotten more and more interesting since then.

“There Are HOW Many Kobolds!?” – The party successfully tracked down the warband and defeated it, although the leader escaped on his personal giant owl. Justal experienced an altitude related trauma that has affected his behavior to this day, while kobolds all along the Seawall mountains keep inspecting their dire weasel mounts for ‘human larva’ for some reason. Skarro vanished shortly after the job was completed.

The Depths of Paluur Draal – The party become caught up in a large mess of clerics of the Sovereign Host, the Church of the Silver Flame, local followers of the Primal Way, Wordbearer goblins, Bladebearer goblins, overly clever kobolds, a Morgrave professor, and a Cult of the Dragon Below. In the end an eldritch machine was destroyed, the cult wiped out, and a dangerous acknowledgement from the thankfully still imprisoned Lord of Eyes given to the party. By the time they reached the surface dragonmarks had come to Alek, Justal, and Verdeloth while Peren began displaying powers nearly divine in origin.

Trouble on the Rails – Their actions came back to bite the party when another group of adventurers were hired by the survivor of the kobold warband to kill them. Thankfully the party was able to kill, capture, or turn their attackers. They even managed to convince the House Orien staff of the truth and stay out of trouble with the authorities.

The Battle of Sterngate – The lightning rail ride back to Sharn was disrupted again when the town and border fort of Sterngate in Breland was attacked by a rogue tribe of Darguul bugbears and a strike team from the Order of the Emerald Claw. The group joined the garrison in repelling the attack, and agreed to scout out the incoming bugbear attack force. While doing so the group was assaulted by a group of druids from the Children of Winter sect, who were deliberately targeting Veredeloth. The assassins were slain, and the bugbears fell victim to Sterngate’s defenses and the ruthless justice of Darguun’s Lhesh Haruuc.

Night on the Town – While getting used to life back in Sharn the group got up to various shenanigans, including integrating with a dragonmarked house where appropriate and waylaying a Child of Winter. But work is work, and they found themselves tracking an anti-warforged hate group (suspected of being supported by a member of the Sharn Council) on behalf of Flash. The job was a success, but in the process Peren ran afoul of a Daask hit on a Boromar safehouse, and the halflings mistakenly took out a hit on the elf and his companions, paying Phiarlan to do the dirty work.

Radiance in the Depths – Justal, having befriended Uthal and the local wardens, convinced the party to go into the Depths of Sharn to destroy a Radiant Idol. Pietr called in a favor to get a war priestess of the Silver Flame to go along for the ride. In the process of the job the group slew a cave dragon, and overheard the idol ranting about “The Warden from Afar, the Lightning-Struck Wood, the One-Eyed Maker, and the Keeper’s Disciple” before they destroyed it.

Skullborn in the Sky – The Skullborn had approached Peren, knowing his history and looking to make an alliance, in their efforts to murder the priest of Shae Lias and the Aerenai ambassador. Peren seemingly went along gleefully in exchange for assistance in his own quest, even managing to rope in the other members of the party. However, once he managed to secure further support via proxies Peren led the party in betraying the Skullborn, wiping them out in Sharn for good.

Guildhouse Blitz – Pietr was busy asking the party about the Skullborn incident when the Guildhouse came under attack by House Phiarlan, the third attempt on the lives of the party and the boldest yet. The attack was fended off with minimal casualties on either side, but Pietr suggested that the party either look into dealing with the issue or skipping town for awhile.


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