Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Tavick's Landing Justice: COMPLETED


Adventure Completed Wir, 18 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]

  • With a shortage of other work the party responded to the anonymous message they’d received instructing them to head to the Tooth and Nail Tavern in Middle Tavick’s Landing. Upon arrival they easily spotted a woman, later identified as Capt. Daja Brel, leaving the tavern after sighting the party. Soon afterwards a cloaked figure joined their table, apologized for Capt. Brel’s poor tradecraft, and showed her face – Iyanna ir’Talan, Commander of the Black Arch Garrison of the Sharn Watch responsible for Tavick’s Landing’s security.
  • Commander ir’Talan told the party of her attempts to clean up her Garrison, to remove the stain of corruption that often plagued the Sharn Watch. Despite making great strides she was still encountering difficulties, and wished to hire the party off of the record in order to deal with some of them. Two crooked watchmen had sold information to the Boromar family which led directly to the deaths of some her men. The Commander wanted the party to send a message – crash a meeting between the wathcmen and their Boromar contacts, kill the watchmen, and kill as many of the Boromars as possible. She also gave Codrus a Daask amulet to wear, hoping to get a bonus: frame Daask for the attack and use it to gain more leeway to deal with the Droaamite syndicate as well.
  • After the Commander left Codrus took issue with the orders to frame Daask, concerned that a headline in the Sharn Inquisitive about violent minotaurs would only make things harder for his fellows in the city who were trying to make a legitimate living. After some bickering the party came to agree on a different plan to throw suspicion off of themselves and the Commander: frame the Deathsgate Adventuring Guild that had been giving some Stormhold members trouble.
  • Heading across Middle Tavick’s to the Deathsgate district the party entered Redblade’s, the tavern that caters to the district’s guild. The greeting from ‘Redblade’ Rraac and his customers was chilly and very nearly turned violent before the party managed to convince them to settle things amiably and in good adventurer tradition: with a drinking contest. Codrus, Patrin, and Vendrick engaged a Deathsgate party led by a woman named Jesel in the contest, while Cale skulked around paralyzing the more threatening customers with her poisons. After the Deathsgate members were drunk under the table the party had little trouble stealing their insignias; the locals thought it was all in good fun, at least those who didn’t suddenly find they couldn’t move.
  • The fight went well enough. They ambushed both the watchmen and the Boromar thugs that night in Middle Tavick’s, perfecting the element of surprise because the two parties were arguing over price. The two watchmen leapt from the tower, notably equipped with Charms of Feather Fall. Vendrick and Patrin leapt after them while Codrus and Cale fought the Boromars. Despite almost dying in a myriad number of ways Vendrick and Patrin killed their targets and retrieved the Charms for their own use. Codrus and Cale managed to prevent the escape of the entire Boromar group, killing them to a man. Curiously, the party were not the only ones engaged in the fight; a hidden crossbow sniper picked off both the badly-wounded Boromar leader and the glidewing pilot who had tried to swoop in to assist.
  • The next morning led to some confusing headlines in the Wir edition of the Sharn Inquisitive, reporting that two members of the Watch had been brutally murdered by Boromar thugs. Over the next few days the writer of that article would vanish, and the ‘truth’ that a Deathsgate group had killed everyone involved would become known. There was no connection made between the deaths and the party or the Commander.
  • Upon visiting the Black Arch Garrison the party were led to the office of one Lt. Arianna, to be paid for dealing with one ‘kruthik infestation’. The elven officer was revealed to be an alter-ego Commander ir’Talan uses to manage these off-the-book ventures. ir’Talan pressed Codrus on the Daask issue, but upon hearing his reasoning and being told that he would not object to dealing with Daask directly she let the matter slide and gave the group their payment. She thanked them again for their service, wished them well, and let them know that she would be in touch.



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