Alek Dacar d'Cannith

Tinkerer Artificer Seeking The Ultimate Myr.


Born in Sharn… Alek was raised in his mother’s inn, The Green Maiden.

Life in Ollandra’s Kitchen was pretty standard for a kid his age. He helped around the inn when he was old enough to do so. One thing which set his mother’s inn apart from, well, everything else in Sharn was the fact that the place used none of the modern magic comforts that the rest of the city took for granted. Many days while “Doing things the right way”, as his mother often put it, he’d wonder why he was stuck dipping candles when every other place in the area used items like Sun Rods or Everburning Torches.

His interest in the modern marvels of Sharn seemed second nature to him. Whenever Lilly wasn’t looking he would steal off from the inn and be found staring at seemingly mundane things with a quizzical look on his face. This usually led to minor encounters with a switch, and major ones when she would have to apologize to Warforged that were being verbally assaulted about how they work.

Time moves on and boy grow into young men. By this time, Alek’s mother had taken in a local girl to help with the business and it was clear that she was looking to marry them so that the inn could stay in the family. Despite getting along with Bethany, he could not bear to live a life where he was constantly living in the past. Over a few months, he managed to save up the fee to get papers to go to Morgrave University. Stealing a couple silvers here and there was not all that hard considering the business that the inn made. Bethany noticed this of course but did not mention anything due to knowing how many times he got in trouble with Lilly to begin with.

Papers in hand, Alek stole off to Morgrave in the middle of the night knowing that his mother would be furious, and Bethany heartbroken. Things were finally looking up for Alek. He was able to soak in all of the knowledge of Arcana, Artifacts, and Constructs he wanted with nobody to yell at him for it. After one late night in the library, he was running down a hallway late for class. He was pulled over by a faculty member who asked for is enrollment papers, which were shockingly blank when produced. Thinking of what he was about to lose, Alek cheap shotted the faculty member and went into hiding on the grounds. He managed to stay hidden by sleeping during the day and breaking into class rooms, labs, and the library at night when nobody was around.

A few years, and quite a few close calls later, he finished his time at Morgrave University with the knowledge equivalent to a Bachelor of Artifice, with a minor in Theoretical Arcana. Since then he has made his living in a small alchemical shop in Granite Halls using a pseudonym to avoid being tracked by his mother and betrothed.

He found his way to the doors of the Stormhold Guild when he realized that peddling Clearwater Solution to the denizens of Sharn was not going to allow him to achieve the technological marvels that he’s striving to make.

Miscellaneous Summary of Events Past

During the course of his adventures so far Alek has taken on many challenges.

He has taken on kobolds, a race which he inadvertently altered for quite some time after hiding in and subsequently bursting back out of a dire weasel corpse. It’s sort of funny to him whenever he sees the puzzled looks on other humans’ faces when they’re not let near domesticated dire weasels anymore.

During a trip into Paluur Draal, Alek had two shocking events happen. After a battle with aberration worshipers, he discovered that he had the Mark of Making. The second event brouht his first taste of misfortune. While fighting an abomination, it used dark magic to pull his left eye out of his head, adding it to the eyeball swarm already fighting the party. It wouldn’t be until the party returned to Zilargo that Alek, with the help of the Library of Korranberg scholars, created a mechanical prosthetic small enough to fit into his eye socket.

The ride back to Sharn was not as quiet as he would have liked. His part was attacked, and there were run ins with the Emerald Claw while the train was stopped in a side city. It wasn’t soon enough for him that he was handing his Breland documents to the border guard before being greeted as Kal Ardak which confused his party greatly.

Back in Sharn, Alek was soon thrusted back into adventure when he was greeted by Flash. The pimp has Alek and his party investigate the cause of terror attacks on his establishments by anti-Warforged members of society. The investigation ended with Peren being framed for an assassination and a hit being taken out on the party. After a few failed attempts, this hit escalated to the whole Stormhold Guild. After the assault was routed, Pietr explained that the party would have to lay low and get out of the city for a while to minimize the chances of random hits on other parties. Everyone agreed.

*Homeward Bound. The Suicidal Journey"

Alek Dacar d'Cannith

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