Mark of Making Dragonmark Reflection


Soon after Alek’s Mark of Making appeared on the back of his hand BT showed up. BT added to the confusion that Alek was having at the mark. He’s often dreamed of somehow being of the chosen house and feeling the surge of alchemical power that came with it. Instead, he was staring down at an all too familiar face looking back at him.

She outed Alek as marked upon returning from Zilargo. Pietr was inquiring about the other marks which have popped up in his group and Alek tried to remain quiet to better understand things before moving forward. BT decided she didn’t like to be marginalized, especially after Boo got showed off, and made herself known by appearing.

She’s been a guiding hand when making items which is a help, especially now that Alek’s mark is in full effect. The items that they can make together are seemingly only limited by the gold available at the time. Her personality seems to be a bit more outgoing than Alek’s especially since she was born during a moment of frantic emotion when Alek pushed his abilities past normal bounds to save Verdeloth from being abducted.

As of late, she’s been giving Alek the cold shoulder since he’s been back in Sharn for a few weeks. Alek knows exactly why this is happening, but the real question is if he’s willing to finally deal with his past.


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