Half-Orc Monk, Former Adventuring Companion and Contact with the King's Citadel


Brug is a member of the Stormhold Adventuring Guild and was a member of the original team that the Guild sent into the Sharn Depths to wipe out a kruthik infestation for the Tain Foundry. When the team ran afoul of Ashurta’s Tomb he was one of the survivors of the battle with the undead Dhakaani warlord, along with Codrus and Kale.

After recovering Ashurta’s Blade Brug and the others retrieved the bodies of their compatriots and retreated from the Tomb to report to the Guild and request reinforcements. When the time came, however, Brug refused to return to the Tomb, deciding that the job had become much too risky for the reward they were being offered.

Although he was no longer part of the team that would start searching for the pieces of the Ashen Crown he was spotted by the party leaving the office of Captain Kalaes, apparently being privately interviewed concerning the Ashurta incident. It turned out that Brug was drafted into working for the King’s Citadel much like the party. While the party went to Six Kings to ally with the Wordbearers the monk traveled directly to Greywall to keep an eye on things there so he could brief the party on current conditions when they arrived.

Reuniting with Codrus, Cale, and the others in the Merry Marcher tavern, Brug informed them of Demise’s sighting within and departure from Greywall and promised to remain in Greywall for a few more days to keep an eye on things before wrapping up and heading home. In the meantime he also helped the party with a gambling scheme in the Greywall arena, betting the party’s money on the party’s victory.

The next day he left a letter to the party, informing him that he had not been able to dig up any information and that he had left Greywall via a caravan. However, it turned out that he had lied about that. When the party were going to be arrested by a large force of House Tharashk gaurds Brug emerged from the crowd and attacked the guards, telling the party to flee Greywall.

Brug was last seen pulling out all the stops against around thirty armed and armored guards, buying time for the party to flee to safety. According to rumors gathered from trade caravans he pummeled seven of the guards into submission before fleeing into the Bloodstone. Beyond that his current status is unknown; Captain Kalaes has said that the half-orc has yet to return to Sharn to receive his payment, so the prospects don’t look good.


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