Gydd Nephret

Professor of Dhakaani History


Professor Gydd Nephret is (or perhaps was) a leading expert in the field of Dhakaan’s history and artifacts at Morgrave University in Sharn, Breland. So when a group of adventurers stumbled into the tomb of the Dhakaani warlord Ashurta and recovered the Blade of the Ashen Crown, it didn’t take long for their questions about what exactly they’d stumbled into to lead to her.

At first Gydd was nervous around the adventurers. Despite Morgrave’s reputation as a treasure seeking institution the half-elven professor had little to no experience with the adventuring type. But she soon warmed up to the group thanks to their calm handling of the situation and began eagerly assisting them, tapping her contacts in the field to gather as much information as she could on the Blade and the Ashen Crown that it was a part of. When the party ran into trouble with the authorities due to tensions caused by their mission Gydd sheltered Codrus and Cale in her own home at Shava House and gladly attempted to bail Vendrick out of prison.

Unfortunately, she made a mistake. In gathering information she sought the help of an Aerenal elf who could offer information on the Ashen Crown’s origins as an elven artifact. But the elf in question was actually Demise, an agent of the Skullborn and an ally of the Emerald Claw. Gydd discovered this somehow, and sent a message warning her new adventurer friends. She would hide her notes and the Blade in a secret compartment in her home and leave the city immediately.

The group rushed to Shava House, only to find that they were too late. They were assaulted by Skullborn-created undead, and once they defeated them they discovered bloodstains and a spent wand in Gydd’s room. The professor went down fighting, seemingly to little effect – except that her struggles led the enemy away from the secret compartment and the Blade they had been after.

According to the adventurers’ allies in the King’s Citadel, and most recently Brug, there has been no new information on Gydd’s whereabouts since that stormy, bloody night at Shava House. Most agree that it is likely that Demise has extracted information about the Ashen Crown’s pieces and their locations from the professor, enabling the Skullborn and the Claw to continue shadowing the adventurers and their Wordbearer companions. Whether Gydd is still alive or not is unknown.

But the Emerald Claw does not have a reputation for being merciful.

A reputation that proved to be well-founded: when the party next met Gydd in Ashurta’s Tomb during the final confrontation with Demise the Professor had been killed and resurrected as a dreadclaw. The tortured form was slain during the fighting but the Seekers were successful, and Pietr was able to use the powers of the Ashen Crown to bring Gydd back to life. Although traumatized by the events she’d experienced Gydd was still grateful to the group and became a part-time member of the Stormhold Adventuring Guild, often acting as an advisor to teams of treasure-hunters.


Gydd Nephret

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