Iyanna ir'Talan

Commander, Black Arch Garrison of the Sharn Watch: one good cop in the City of Knives


Born to one of Sharn’s Sixty families and the daughter of the Lord Commander of the Sharn Watch it would have been completely unsurprising if Iyanna had proven to be an expert at the game of politics and corruption that has earned Sharn its seedier nicknames.

Bur while it is possible she got to Commander through nepotism what has done since then has been quite the shock: uphold the law. The Black Arch Garrison is widely known as the most dependable branch of the regular Watch, although she has earned her fair share of enemies while making it so.

Her and the Seekers crossed paths when she hired them to eliminate corrupt elements within her ranks that were dealing with the Boronar family. Sadly this action seems to have prompted Boromar to have her assassinated by bombing Black Arch.

She survived because she was in disguise in another office, although she lost her left leg below the knee in the blast. Not knowing who to trust, not even sure if she could trust her own father, her loyal officers have hidden her in a House Ghallanda enclave and allowed Sharn at large to believe her dead. The Seekers remain her allies as she heals and as conflict with Boromar begins to heat up; many of her watchmen have ‘taken leave’ and vanished to her side.

Iyanna ir'Talan

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