Pietr is a cleric of the Church of the Silver Flame and a member in good standing of Sharn’s new Stormhold Adventuring Guild. Having left Thrane itself for reasons of his own, the middle-aged human settled into a solid career of adventuring, likely getting a two-for-one deal in galifars and the abominations that the Silver Flame urges its followers to hunt.

It is likely Pietr would have remained off of the larger map, if not for the events in Ashurta’s Tomb. Pietr, Vendrick, and Patrin were sent in to reinforce Codrus and Kale after they had taken their losses in acquiring Ashurta’s Blade, and the trio were instrumental in clearing out the kruthik next that had been the original goal of the job.

Pietr remained with what would become the Seekers of the Ashen Crown (eventually known as the Seekers of Stormhold) through Six Kings, Greywall, and the return to Sharn. He was there when the Seekers acquired the Crown and used its powers to revive Gydd, and became a co-owner of the Guild when Abraxis Wren was bought off by the King’s Citadel.

While the other Seekers continued to adventure as part-and-parcel of Guild duties Pietr settled into a governing role as the most sociable of the group, abandoning a role on the front lines to manage things from behind the scenes. He did his best to see that every member of the Guild had work or was at least taken care of, and often to took to the streets to nurture friendships that could benefit the group. Of course, then the Seekers had to get involved in the underworld . . .

Pietr is, as noted above, a sociable fellow who nevertheless doesn’t talk much about his past. He is either exceedingly calm or exceedingly self-confident, and it is very rare to see him flustered. Pietr is almost never seen without his pipe, and has even been known to take time during the latter stages of a fight to light up and take things easy.

With what happened to Codrus, followed by the rest of the Seekers having traveled north towards Thrane and subsequently falling off the map, Pietr has assumed full leadership of the Stormhold Guild. Not much has changed as a result, although he does seem to be making somewhat eclectic choices about party composition, as well as spending more time looking after certain parties than others.


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