Sergeant Forge

Officer in the Sharn Watch, Sword Point Garrison


The party’s history with Sgt. Forge is something of a sordid one. In the aftermath of Ashurta’s Tomb (the first time) the hastily cobbled-together group that would become the Seekers suffered from internal personality conflicts that led to a brief spat of fighting – fighting Sgt. Forge and a patrol of the Watch responded to. Codrus and Cale resisted arrest and escaped, Patrin cooperated, and Vendrick was arrested after drunkenly assaulting an officer. Although a deal was made with House Deneith to bail the shifter out Forge clearly stated that he’d be keeping an eye on him.

Roughly a month later however Forge found himself a wary ally of the group in the wake of the attack upon the Black Arch Garrison, as one of the few Watchmen outside of the Black Arch willing to give information to a group of adventurers looking to help.

Sergeant Forge

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