Sorghan d'Deneith

Sentinel Marshal, Fairhaven Division


Sorghan is well-equipped for combat, wearing the standard enchanted armor and weapons of a Sentinel Marshal. He has also been seen wearing equally enchanted equipment that is mocked up to look worn down and cheap, for when he needs to lay low in pursuit of a fugitive. As his Mark of Sentinel is on his right cheek he also carries several scrolls of Disguise Dragonmark for when being identified as a Deneith could hinder his work.

He used to own a set of Guardian’s Circlets from his days in the Defenders Guild, but recently gave them away as a present to a fellow Deneith whom he thought might need them more.


A dragonmarked member of House Deneith, a former member of the Defenders Guild, and a currently active Sentinel Marshal based in Fairhaven, Aundair. Sorghan met the party in Greywall while the Marshal was on the trail of notorious Treaty of Thronehold violator Teras ir’Lenian. Originally just planning to spook ir’Lenian into fleeing back into ‘civilized’ lands so that the Marshals could more easily apprehend him Sorghan saw an opportunity to actually catch the man when he ran into Vendrick and company.

Recognizing the shifter from when Vendrick had been ejected from the Blademarks Sorghan offered to pay the party to help him smoke out ir’Lenian and his cohorts. After some discussion the party agreed, eventually heading into the Bloodstone district of Greywall and to the Broken Sword tavern, a notorious hangout for expatriates, rogues, and fugitives.

After Patrin managed to convince Teras and his companions that he could get them back to civilization using the Kordanga, he led the fugitives out of the tavern, allowing Sorghan and the others to ambush them. Teras’ companions were killed and the warmongering noble was apprehended in good order.

Sorghan paid the party and left Greywall that same day, his quarry in tow, but not before giving Vendrick a pair of Guardian’s Circlets and letting the shifter know that he’d gladly work with the group.

The Sentinel Marshal was something of a surprise to Vendrick, apparently believing that the shifter had gotten a raw deal and expressing the opinion that it was only the ire of his ‘father’ in House Deneith that had gotten Vendrick in trouble. To that effect Sorghan was easily convinced to give Gerard d’Deneith a hard time, and to put in a good word for Vendrick with the rest of the House.

Sorghan d'Deneith

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