Traitor Dark Lantern


Tiktuli was the Dark Lantern assigned to the Ashen Crown mission, having infiltrated the Kech Volaar seekers in order to aid the party’s attempts at an alliance. Throughout the party’s affiliation with him Tiktuli was helpful but quiet, smoothing the meeting between Yeraa and the adventurers but otherwise keeping his head down.

During the excavation in Greywall, however, Tiktuli betrayed Yeraa and the party. The Wordbearers were murdered when Tiktuli triggered a poison he had been feeding them and were reanimated as dreadclaws to attack the party while Tiktuli escaped. Upon fleeing Greywall via Orien teleporation circle, with all of the pieces of the Ashen Crown, Tiktuli sent Captain Kalaes a message to the effect that the party had turned traitor and that he himself was on the run from them.

It certainly seemed that the changeling has left the services of the King’s Citadel to serve Demise and the Emerald Claw.

In a gut-twisting revelation, the party discovered through Yeraa’s journal that Tiktuli had started a relationship with the Wordbearer, presumably to get closer to his victims. This betrayal, with the additional need to bring him in to clear their names, has the party hot on his heels for revenge. Captain Kalaes took the party’s story of events as the truth, but only if they could bring in Tiktuli alive.

The party caught up with Tiktuli in Ashurta’s Tomb and after a tough fight beat him into submission, tying him up and crippling him to prevent his escape while they faced off against Demise. They later dragged Tiktuli around Sharn for a few hours, stuffing him under the bench while they enjoyed a celebratory meal with Patrin dealing out enough blows to keep the changeling passive.

He was later turned over to the Captain and to Lantern Thorn, doomed to face the justice of the King’s Shadows.


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