Former Foe. Now Pietr's Adjutant.


Things didn’t get started off well between Zis’alix and the Stormhold Guild. A certain kobold warband leader hired a group of less than reputable adventurers to avenge his warband by killing Justal and co. A somewhat more wide-traveled being than most of his kind, Zis’alix was himself a member of that group, and boarded the lightning rail in Zolanberg to assassinate the adventurers who had decimated the warband.

Things rapidly went downhill. Their bullywug ally went missing, and then Zis’alix and his Khoravor companion were tracked back to their room. When Zis’alix answered the door he was shocked to find a small ethereal hamster blocking his way. The next thing he knew a somewhat savage dwarf grabbed him by his armor, threw him into a chest, and slammed it shut. When it opened a second later Zis’alix renewed his assault, only to by blasted into unconsciousness by a wave of silver fire.

Having been teleported to the Stormhold Guildhouse in Sharn the kobold warrior found himself eventually talking with Pietr and joining up, acting as Pietr’s assistant in the cleric’s efforts to manage the adventurers. He and Justal continue to act somewhat belligerent with one another, although things have been kept relatively jovial. Zis’alix most recently helped defend the Guildhouse when House Phiarlan attacked.



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