Tales of the Stormhold Guild

All Aboard the Mournland Express: BEGUN!


Session Completed Zol, 17 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Jurian Kundarak
“Nova” Novakri

  • The Stormhold Guild received a contract from one Elkavar d’Deneith, apparently on the recommendation of Sorghan d’Deneith, to act as guards on the ‘Mournland Express’ lightning rail route from Atur, Karnnath to Gatherhold, Talenta Plains. The Guild dispatched the Stormhold Shadows, a team that had been earmarked for work outside of Breland.
  • Arriving in Atur by airship the Shadows met Elkavar in the House Orien lightning rail hub, and were given a quick briefing on other important personages on the Express: Conductor Alara Orien, Artificer Dalus d’Cannith, and Master Chef Traven of Sharn.
  • Given the run of the rail as it left Atur, the Shadows split up. Nova cased the passengers, on the lookout for personal enemies. She spotted mostly Karns, a number of Jorascos heading to Vedykar and Ghallandas heading to Gatherhold, a small number of hobgoblins, a handful of Talentan halflings, and a House Phiarlan group, with a cross-section of various other Khorvairans.
  • Zak and Jurian headed for the containment cart to talk to fellow guard Marus about possible threats. Various Nightwood Forest creatures, Karnnathi bandits, escaped prisoners, Talentan tribesmen with a grudge, elves from Valenar trying to extract tolls, and of course nasty beasts emerging from the Mournland were mentioned. Mournland beasts have so far been turned away by Dalus’s experimental engine and conductor stones, but the job is stressful enough that Elkavar has to keep replacing guards who quit the job in a fit of nerves.
  • Zak and Jurian then managed to break into the engine cart, after a short encounter with Traven, as Jurian wanted to test the rail’s security. Despite bypassing both the physical and arcane locks, Dalus was alerted and got the drop on the pair. The Cannith artificer was intrigued by Jurian’s questions concerning the lightning rail, however, and let the pair go after answering their questions. The pair got the impression from the way Dalus talked that Dalus, Alaria, and Elkavar are personal friends who trust one another.
  • When they went on duty later that night, the Shadows were directed to act as crowd control in the Luxury Cart during the House Phiarlan show, put on by the Harlequinade. There was little to no trouble outside of a few drunks thrown in containment to sleep it off, and the group were even offered a chance to have a few drinks and relax themselves.
  • Zak and Nova were awoken by Marus shouting, leaping up to find two Talentan halflings fleeing the guard with stolen goods. Zak subdued one halfling in quick order, handing the prisoner over to Marus and another wounded guard before following Nova and Elkavar onto the roof, managing to capture the second thief and recover the goods before an accomplice riding a glidewing could enact a retrieval.


A Pimp Named Flash: COMPLETED


Adventure Completed Sul, 15 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]

  • Gydd Nephret has been resurrected using the power of the Ashen Crown. Feeling both indebted to the party and eager to strengthen herself she has quit most of her duties at Morgrave University and joined the guild as a consultant.
  • Vendrick, having manifested the Mark of Sentinel at the very moment the Crown was assembled, is extremely concerned and is remaining secretive about the Mark.
  • Pietr presented the party with money from an unknown party, along with a note congratulating them on dealing with the Emerald Claw and instructing them to come to Lower Tavick’s Landing at their leisure if they wanted more work helping the city.
  • Pietr gave a brief report on other activities in the guild, including a brief and victorious tavern fight against Deathsgate Guild members who were looking to cause trouble for the new guild. He warned the party to keep an eye out.
  • The party rescued the . . . lady of the night Surina on behalf of the warforged gentleman named Flash, who runs an . . . escort service in the Lower Menthis district of Firelight. They killed Ricster the Black and most of the kidnappers, turning over two survivors to Flash for questioning. They recovered some burned papers with a signature, but the only letters left were ‘Nol’.
  • Flash paid the party for the job, presented Kale with a gift, and promised to both spread the word about the Guild and act as an informant if the party required one. Hopefully word will reach Savia Potella, who owns a business in Firelight and is the Council representative for Lower Menthis, thereby increasing the guild’s reputation.
Seekers of the Ashen Crown: COMPLETED


Adventure completed Far, 13 Olarune, 998 YK.

Player Characters:
Colin – Killed fighting Ashurta
Orin – Killed fighting Ashurta
Pietr – Party NPC
Brug – ex-Party NPC, missing after events in Greywall (see below)

  • The group has recovered the Ashen Crown and claimed it for themselves. With Yeraa‘s blessing (see below) they haved decided to keep the artifact until it compels them to pass it on or Huugan, Yeraa’s mentor, comes to them looking for it.
  • Demise of the Aereni Skullborn and her apprentice Jaenus are dead, slain by the party along with what seems like all of her immediate allies in the Order of the Emerald Claw. Demise’s corpse was burned and her ashes scattered in an attempt to prevent her return via the necromancy of the Skullborn or the Emerald Claw.
  • Tiktuli has been taken alive and turned over to Captain Kalaes, Lantern Thorn, and the King’s Citadel, exonerating the party of the crimes he had framed them for. The Captain’s refusal to easily accept Tiktuli’s betrayal as fact was based on the fact that the changeling had been practically raised by the Citadel, but with the end of the Last War bringing no victory Tiktuli became disillusioned and threw in his lot with the Emerald Claw in exchange for a promise of immortality in undeath. The last the party heard he had been sent to Wroat for questionng and execution.
  • Yeraa and her Seekers were contacted using the Ashen Crown, their spirits appearing before the party and congratulating them on their success. Yeraa seemed pleased at Tiktuli’s downfall, yet was clearly still saddened by the lie that had been their relationship. Still, she told the party that among all his lies Tiktuli spoke one truth: the fate of the Ashen Crown was bound to those who found it. She gave the party her blessing to keep the artifact and led her Seekers back to Dolurrh, intending to now seek out her ancestors in the land of the dead. The Kech Volaar Seekers seemed at peace with their lot, ignoring the possibility of revival via the Crown.
  • The body of Professor Gydd Nephret, murdered by Demise and turned into a dreadclaw, was recovered by the party after the final battle. Their stated intent is to attempt to resurrect her using the Ashen Crown.
  • Brug was last seen covering the party’s escape from Greywall by taking on the House Tharashk guards that were attempting to arrest them. According to rumors picked up among caravans coming from Greywall, who were all talking about the massive uproar caused over the course of several days by a group of adventurers, Brug pummeled seven guards into submission before fleeing into the Bloodstone. His current status is unknown; Captain Kalaes stated that he was still holding onto Brug’s pay and had no idea what had happened to the half-orc.
  • The Far edition of the Korranberg Chronicle inlcuded an article about the hanging of rogue Aundairan Lord Teras ir’Lenian, apprehended in Greywall by Sentinel Marshal Sorghan d’Deneith. Sorghan credited his success to the help of a ‘group of Brelish adventurers’, but did not name the party in the article.
  • Abraxis has returned to the Inquisitive business, being paid off for his trouble by Captain Kalaes. The party are now the ruling body of the Stormhold Adventuring Guild. With the success of the ir’Tain contract weeks ago, and with word on the street that the Guild clashed with an Emerald Claw cell, more job offers are starting to pour in . . .

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