Who the Guild are allies with . . .

The Wordbearers

The King’s Citadel

Tavick’s Landing Branch, Sharn Watch

Primal Groups (Soren’s, Lyra’s, Uthal’s)

Oswin’s Paladins of the Silver Flame

Valeria d’Jorasco and co.

Who the Guild is friendly with . . .

Cliffside Guild

Who the Guild is enemies with . . .

The Order of the Emerald Claw

The Dreaming Dark

The Children of Winter

Cults of the Dragon Below

The Lords of Dust

The Boromar Clan

Neutral or Ambiguous Parties

The Skullborn

Deathsgate Guild

House Tarkanan


Groups Friendly to Specific Guild Members

House Cannith

House Kundarak


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