Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: ONGOING

The City of Knives earns its name . . .


Session Ended Early Sul, 22 Olarune, 998 YK

Player Characters:
Vendrick Ebonlance [Vendrick ir’Delvyn (d’Deneith)]

  • The Seekers awoke on the 20th of Olarune, the Day of Mourning, to a city in chaos: an explosion had ripped its way through the Black Arch Garrison in Tavick’s Landing, headquarters of Commander ir’Talan’s branch of the Sharn Watch. Thanks to the date the already nervous city was in an uproar and, fearing for the Commander’s life, the Seekers rushed to Tavick’s Landing to investigate. Seeing a line of watchman headed up by Dura’s own Commander Lian ir’Halamar, the group went to the King’s Citadel hoping to gain help from Captain Kalaes. Unable to meet the Captain they were nevertheless given several Potions of Invisibility by his aide, Corporal Tubrick. Before beginning their infiltration the group were able to meet with Sword Point Garrison’s Sergeant Forge, who was unable to give them much information but passed along a generally uneasy vibe about ir’Halamar, who was widely suspected of corruption related to the Boromar Clan.
  • While Codrus quickly retreated from the Garrison after too many close calls the others proceeded inside and quickly split up. Kale searched the evidence locker and discovered the case file for the Seekers’s hit on the crooked watchmen and Boromar thugs. Clearly doctored by Commander ir’Talan to make the case a cold one, Kale nevertheless found that a set of blueprints for the Black Arch Garrison had been recovered from the corpse of one of the crooked coppers; clearly, this was what the pair had been trying to sell to Boromar.
  • Vendrick managed to make his way through the Garrison and outside of the city, where Sharn’s military detachment had closed the roads into the city. Wondering if rogue Cyran elements were reponsible for the attack the shifter spent his time sifting through the crowd, eventually spotting a group of Cyrans that were oddly quiet about the current state of affairs. Although he would later follow the group into the city he lost sight of them somewhere in Lower Dura.
  • Patrin attempted to investigate Commander ir’Talan’s office, only to find that it was at the epicenter of the blast and completely obliterated. Studying the residue of the explosion he theorized that an infusion – a product of artifice – similiar to the known basic properties of a creation forge had been encouraged to run rampant and explode at the site. To further sate his curiousity he investigated the office of ‘Lt. Arianna’, on the edge of the blast. The scene was messy, a piece of shrapnel having clearly cut through the desk and struck the person sitting behind it. But there didn’t seem to be enough blood to indicate fatality . . . encouraged by this, Patrin rushed for the exit, unfortunately managed to alert the Garrison – and House Medani operatives investigating the site – that someone invisible was skulking around. While the alert allowed Kale to use the Garrison’s garbage chutes to flee into the Cogs the Thrane quickly found himself in trouble. Codrus caused trees to shoot up from the cobblestones outside, causing a panic and allowing Patrin and himself to flee unmolested – barely avoiding a squad of the Blackened Book that was rushing to investigate.

To be Continued . . .


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