Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Commanders, Criminals, and Consequences: Wrapping Up

A quick summary of events

  • After an extremely large bounty was placed on the Cyran Avengers all three adventuring guilds in the city – Cliffside, Stormhold, and Deathsgate – rushed to capitalize on the opportunity. The friendly Cliffside party was nevertheless taken out of the chase by Kale’s concoctions, while Jesel and the group from the Deathsgate Guild were only slightly delayed by Stormhold’s misinformation efforts. The hunt ended with both parties teaming up to slay the Avengers. Jesel bargained with the party to take a slightly less amount of the bounty in exchange for Stormhold taking all the public credit, seeking to evade the media storm that would result.
  • Of note, while on the hunt the group ran across and fought a group of Daask thugs. On the corpse of a Turakbar minotaur Codrus found a totem from his homeland, drawing the Warden’s thoughts back to his childhood woes and seething grudges. Kale, mauled by a troll and with one foot in Dolurrh, felt the darkness rise up to help her slay her foe, and manifested the Mark of Shadow.
  • Also on the hunt, House Tarkanan tried another hit. This one went significantly worse for the aberrant marks, with only Kieran surviving. Codrus once again let the man go, this time with a message to stop harassing the Stormhold Guild at the risk of open conflict.
  • Publicly acknowledged by Lord Commander ir’Talan for their work the group found themselves invited to the premier social event in Sharn as the current big names in town: the Tain Gala, a monthly party with all the movers and shakers in Sharn. Including one Commander Halamar. Visiting Savia’s once again the Seekers gained information on members of the Sharn Council who would be attending AND which of them would be in Boromar’s pocket, including Boromar’s personal representative on the Council: Ilyra Boromar
  • What followed was nothing less than an assassination. Kale had Gydd Nephret dressing up as the fourth member of the Seekers to conceal her own identity, giving the Thruanni assassin the catch to infiltrate the waitstaff at the Tain Gala. During the party the Seekers observed Halamar and Ilyra bickering, most likely upset that their enemies were nearby and could not be avoided without causing a scandal. Taking advantage of this Kale drugged Halamar with a concoction that made him view friend as foe, and in full view of everyone he drew a hand crossbow and shot Ilyra dead. Leaping to “avenge” the slain councilor the party slew Halamar in turn, including several Boromar wetwork men who had also infiltrated the waitstaff. Iyanna ir’Talan emerged to reveal her survival, lauding the Seekers, as her agents, for helping to hunt down ‘the last sympathizers of the Avengers in our fair city’, and ‘lamenting’ that they were unable to save the Councilor. She pledged ‘further vigilance’ in case of ‘further atrocities’. Long story short, Boromar’s have to take their losses and bear it, of their involvement will be made public. ir’Talan has essentially come out the winner and then forced a cease-fire. And meanwhile other anti-Boromar forces make their moves, as the halflings have lost their best Watch Commander and top Councilor.


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