Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Last Sighting of the Seekers

Vendrick, Patrin, and Kale did eventually return to Sharn, safely escorting Brug and the other Brelish slaves they’d managed to liberate from Turakbar’s Fist. Captain Kalaes washed his hands of the affair, and the surviving Seekers attempted to move on with their lives. Kale and Vendrick started to make more effort to work with their houses, while Patrin received troubling news through Pietr that his grandfather had been killed.

In a move Grandfather ir’Oden’s enemies couldn’t possibly have foreseen, Patrin used the Ashen Crown to return his grandfather to life. ir’Oden told a tale of increasing internal troubles in Thrane, and of Patrin’s cousin making power plays among the remnants of Thrane’s royal line.

At the same time the Sentinel Twins of Deneith attempted to make Vendrick chase a kalashtar who’d been causing them trouble out of town to clear the shifter’s debt, implying that they’d actually be willing to pay good coin if the kalashtar was killed. Unfortunately for the Twins, when Vendrick went to confront the kalashtar he presented proof of a great corruption within Deneith’s Sharn enclave: Quori.

Not wanting to risk confronting the Twins immediately, and thinking that the Silver Flame might offer some options for dealing with the spirits of Dal Quor, Vendrick supported Patrin’s plan to travel to Thrane to deal with his family. Fighting off Dreaming Dark assassins on their way out, the Seekers boarded a lightning rail to Flamekeep.

That is the last that the Stormhold Guild has heard of them.


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