Cole Strutter

"That's Captain to you, by the way. Cheers!"


The history of one Cole Strutter d’Lyrander is not easily learnt, and so far nobody has managed to get it all out of him. It is known he was excoriated from his House, losing his House name and privileges, but it’s not known why. He seems to be quite the freelancer these days, selling his services and the use of his Mark of Storm, so perhaps he was simply too free-spirited to work within the rules of Lyrander.

Alek and company met the half-elf at the end of their adventures in Paluur Draal. Cole was serving as pilot and Captain of a small elemental airship being used by the Wordbearer hobgoblins that had mounted an expedition to the ruins. He displayed curiosity upon seeing the party but was unable to talk much amid the hustle and bustle of pulling out of the ruins.

Cole was later hired by Pietr to transport Alek and company aboard the elemental galleon Stormchaser, apparently having managed to sneak his way back into House Lyrander. The excoriate was on good terms with the party and a questionable influence on Verdeloth, helping them repel the Sahaaaaaaaaaguin raiders and The Kraken. So far as the party knows Cole is still in Stormreach, trying to get the galleon repaired so he can properly steal it.


Cole Strutter

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