Deren d'Cannith

I should be taking notes, right?


Deren d’Cannith is one of his House’s artificers and the bearer of a Least Mark of Making, assigned to the Cannith enclave in Stormreach. When the babbling survivors of an expedition into the wilds returned with stories of a possible creation forge the enclave was quick to put together a second expedition to find it, and Deren was picked to join.

Deren is decidedly not an adventurer, having lived a life of research and experimentation, and as a result is somewhat in awe of Alek Dacar d’Cannith. He has taken to following Alek around, both because of this hero-worship and because, as he’s quickly learned, nothing makes for good data like observing artifice used in the field.

Alek: Wait, what? Where did you come from? No, really. I’m not that interesting… sigh Fine, just try not to get yourself killed.


Deren d'Cannith

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