Shifter. Ranger. Wanderer. Parent?


In his ongoing quest to acquire more friends Verdeloth met the shifter named Geth on the lightning rail from Korranberg to Sharn. The solo adventurer approached Veredeloth, recognizing the wilden’s species from his time in the Reaches. He was hesitant when Verdeloth suggested Geth joining the Stormhold Guild, but the wilden’s uncanny charisma won out in the end.

Geth helped the party defend Sterngate from the Emerald Claw and rogue bugbears who attacked it while the lightning rail was stopped there. Later, at another stop on the way to Sharn, Geth returned looking shaken and refused to leave his cabin until the rail left the station behind.

He is currently doing local jobs in and around Sharn for the guild, as part of group that includes Nandon.

Some members of the guild have remarked that he looks a bit like Vendrick, but the ranger’s general touchiness about his past makes inquiries into the matter ill-advised.



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