Half Elf Warpriestess of the Silver Flame


Meredith is a high ranking War Priestess called into service at the behest of Pietr to help with a special assignment. Justal, informed by other Wardens in Sharn, found out about a Fallen threat in the depths below that is amassing followers at a concerning rate. Despite Justal’s aptitude for dealing with the supernatural threats in Paluur Draal, he has never faced something of this magnitude and Pietr knew this. The brash dwarf’s tendency to take all comers head on may prove to be the death of himself and his allies in the coming trial.

A welcome addition to the party, the group enjoyed the extra healing power a priestess brought to the table compared to the infusions and alchemical concoctions provided by Alek, who appreciated the extra leeway to concentrate on controlling his constructs. Her divine nature helped her become easy friends with Verdeloth who was not as cynical of her as he was Alek. Silent as always, Peren kept his eyes on the mission without giving much opinion.

She openly protested the tactics taken by the Wardens at the Fallen’s shrine. The front door was broken open and the brain washed followers slaughtered wholesale on sight. She continued on when she eventually realized the poor souls were already beyond peaceful negotiation.

Her powers came into full use when the Fallen summoned a Cave Dragon. The shroud of darkness summoned by the monster was dispelled by the silver light of her shield, allowing her to lead the way in for Justal, Verdeloth, Peren, and Alek’s constructs to have a clear shot at victory.

After the Fallen threat was vanquished, she left the group after saying her goodbyes. This was not before reporting back to Pietr to report in. It’s still unknown whether Pietyr has concluded his business with Meredith, or if her aid came in exchange for a favor to the church which she will return to collect at a later time.


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