Merrix d'Cannith

Leader of Cannith South


Merrix is the grandson of the first Merrix, Son of Arren d’Cannith. He is also the former patriarch’s grandnephew. He was an infant when the first warforged were made and is the youngest of the three leaders trying to become the “Great Gorgon.” Being the youngest of the three he also has the weakest claim, but his skill makes the other two leaders wary of him. Merrix does not want to be the leader for the sake of personal power; he simply feels that the other two are not strong enough to do a good job of it

Merrix has personally welcomed Alek Dakar d’Cannith to Cannith South, quite pleased at the prospect of another dragonmarked heir joining him, especially considering that Alek was unaligned beforehand; the artificer is more or a less a free resource, since Merrix didn’t have to spend resources to poach from Cannith East or West to get him.

The Cannith South leader has expressed great interest in working with Alek, but has also stressed that Alek will need to earn his way up the ladder; there’s no good in giving the newcomer everything this soon in case West or East manage to poach him themselves.


Merrix d'Cannith

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