Mitland Mit Davandi

Agent of the Trust. Quite Scary in His Own Way


Alek, Verdeloth, Peren, Justal, and Skarro had their first job together in Zilargo. So it surprised nobody but maybe them when they crossed paths with an unusually frank agent of the Trust, the gnomish intelligence agency/secret police. Mitland ended up being their contact for the original job of hunting down a kobold warband that had made it onto the plains, and in the guise of Professor Lonqu helped manipulate the group into purging the Depths of Paluur Draal of a nasty Cult of the Dragon Below.

All attempts to get a better handle on the little bastard ended in failure and good-natured taunting, although it is somewhat troubling that Skarro seemingly never got off the lightning rail in Korranberg, despite having definitely boarded in Zolanberg. While it has never been spoken out loud the blame for that is mostly placed on Mitland, under the assumption that the Trust judged the hexblade to be too dangerous to control.


Mitland Mit Davandi

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