Wandering Valenar Elf. Fallen in with Peren.


Most of the elves in Valenar have patron ancestors that fought the Empire of Dhakaan, and seek to emulate their patrons by fighting wars across Khorvaire. But not every member of the ancient Valaes Tairn followed that path, and as a result some modern members of the sect venture out on their own.

Nandon’s patron wished to see as much of the new continent his people had colonized as possible, and took to the road on his own. Over time the ancestor fell in with other such wanderers: goblinoids, orcs, and even a gnome. The group operated in the same niche as today’s adventurers, so when Nandon received this ancient elf as his patron he knew that the warbands would not be for him. Efforts to find Darguun and Zil companions went less then amiably owing to his people’s reputation so the young elf boarded a lightning rail to Sharn.

While on the rail Peren’s sharp senses clued him in to Nandon’s observation of the party, the Valenar elf curious about the eclectic group. After an encounter that nearly ended in unfortunate conflict, Peren agreed to sponsor Nandon for the Guild in return for help when needed.

Exactly what Peren has in mind for Nandon in the long term remains to be seen.

Nandon is currently working jobs for the guild in and around Sharn in a party of his own, which includes Geth.



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