Great Druid of the Eldeen Reaches


One of the oldest beings on Eberron who isn’t an imprisoned demon overlord, Oalian is an oak tree who was ‘born’ or achieved/was granted sentience more than four thousand years ago. Exactly how (and, maybe more importantly, why) this occurred has never been confirmed, and Oalian talks of it very little.

In the modern era he serves as the leader of the Wardens of the Wood and the ‘ruler’ of the Eldeen Reaches, although his reign on the national level is much more informal than in the other Thronehold nations.

When Wilden started appearing in the woods of the Reaches they often were met by Wardens of the Wood who seemed to be waiting for them, apparently on Oalian’s instructions. This is how Verdeloth came under the Great Druid’s tutelage, and it was Oalian who sent Verdeloth out into the wider world to investigate cases of vanishing primal guardians.



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