"HELLO! You are on my land, non-kobold. This is problem."


The latest band of adventurers to emerge from the Stormhold Guild has had a somewhat persistent kobold problem. Slick, while not the most memorably harmful, was by far the most frustrating and threatening manifestation of that problem. The only thing scarier than a kobold whose traps you know you’re surrounded by is a kobold who is being friendly about it.

Alek and co. crossed paths with Slik on their way to Paluur Draal to purge the Dragon Below cult there. Slik had them all dead to rights, claiming the land they were passing through as his. When Alek attempted to explain that they were merely passing through on their way to Paluur Draal the kobold trapmaster replied with a sly “oh yes, my ruins, they are very nice, I am very proud.” The party’s groans could be heard from Sharn.

Not caring for the ‘squiglies’ of the Dragon Below, Slik eventually agreed to let them pass, with a promise to not take anything from the ruins. When he caught them dead to rights a second time on their way out he was so pleased with how many ‘squiglies’ they’d killed that he generously overlooked their Dhakaani comrades (particularly the half-full sacks of loot), but never did the party ever assume that Slik was giving up the upper hand.



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