A Goliath Warden of Sharn


Justal, while having fought alongside many primal warriors in Zilargo and being part of an adventuring party with druid and shaman Verdeloth, was nonetheless feeling a lack of fellow wardens in his life. Understandable, considering how he came into his own abilities on his own with no one to assist him or educate him in the finer points of being a warden. So, upon finally returning to Sharn the young dwarf went looking to see if he could find any primal guardians in the city.

Upon finding just such a group Justal rushed towards them, assuming one of his primal forms as he did so. Without knowing it he had greeted them in the custom of a warden, and they all too assumed a form. Their leader, Uthal, welcomed him to the circle.

Justal was only more welcome when he bailed the group out of the drunk tank the next morning.

Uthal lead the circle of wardens when they traveled with Justal’s party into the Deeps in an effort to find and slay a radiant idol that had begun growing a cult, apparently helping the party to fulfill or thwart some shred of Prophecy in the process.



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