Vulkoori Drow

Heirs of Xen'drik, or so they say.


All drow, like their elven kin, are descended from eladrin that were hauled from their shattered feyspire by the Titans of Xen’drik. Enslaved for centuries the drow and elves eventually rebelled against an empire than had been weakened by some sort of conflict. When Aeren foretold a great calamity and led the elves in an escape to Aerenal the drow resolved to stay behind and finish what they started. The great calamity, whatever it might have been, came and went. In its wake the empire was shattered and the Titans reduced to giants, and the drow were still standing in the rubble.

This particular group of drow worship a scorpion-like deity they call Vulkoor, and are the majority of the known drow population. Some Khorvairan scholars propose that Vulkoor is an aspect or interpretation of the Mockery, but of course the drow have little to say on the matter. Vulkoor worship varies from tribe to tribe, but most often praises the notion of a strong hunter that protects his people, accompanied by legends of such heroic drow or the god himself.

The Vulkoori do not generally care for outsiders, as they view themselves as being the rightful inheritors of all things Xen’drik, having won their freedom and having remained while others fled. Outsiders who wander into a tribe’s territory will find themselves constantly shadowed at best, and harassed by hit-and-run attack at worst if the drow see the need.

They are sometimes open to compromise, however. A group of Vulkoori came into conflict with Alek and company during their expedition into the wilds, but eventually agreed to grant the group safe passage if they assisted in opening a sealed section of the Azure Tower.


Vulkoori Drow

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