Tales of the Stormhold Guild

Hiking in the Wilds of Xen'drik

Consequences of Insomnia – The caravan was not long into the jungles of Xen’drik before they accidentally crossed into the territory of a tribe of Vulkoori Drow. The drow, wary of all outsiders, spent a few days and nights harassing the caravan. Between volleys of Xen’drik boomerangs, roving packs of kirres, passing jungle giants, and the knowledge that things like LURKING TWO-MAWS could exist here, the party was pushed to the edge. Justal suffered something akin to a psychotic break more than once, having pushed beyond even his limits and terrified of the jungles that he’d heard stories about as a child. Eventually, however, they were able to defeat, capture, and negotiate with a Vulkoori raiding party.

The Azure Tower and the Forsaken City – In order to be granted safe passage through the Vulkoori territory the party had to travel to the abandoned Titan city that the drow called home, there to open a sealed section of the ancient Azure Tower. Justal managed to befriend the now-sentient lift within the Tower, while Alek led the others to ascend the exterior, in the process tapping into some sort of ritual and receiving terrifying visions of the world aflame. Once the party gained access to the sealed section, they were forced to fight and destroy a semi-sentient gate to Shavarath and its infernal travelers. The party spent some extra time exploring other parts of the Tower, and left on good terms with the Vulkoori.

Making Dangerous Friends in Dangerous Places – Traveling back to their caravan, the party came across a group of Wilden, who they had learned had a much fiercer reputation than their Khorvairen ilk. Thankfully Verdeloth was able to calm the savage protectors of the wild, and the party traveled on. Upon rejoining the caravan (at an abandoned inn, against all sense), they discovered that a member of the Umbragen drow had joined the caravan, looking to ‘hire’ the party to deal with a small Belashyrra problem. Proceeding through the jungle the caravan was eventually assaulted by Yuan Ti, although Peren was eventually able to use an idol recovered during Night on the Town, Stormreach Edition to mollify and negotiate for safe passage with the creatures.


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